It's Your Time to Shine! 🌟

Increase Your Visibility with
Radiate Your Reach Bootcamp

A 6-week journey specially crafted for female entrepreneurs and professionals ready to share their story through writing their book, kickstart a podcast, or TV/Media invitations!

Starts on June 13, Ends on July 18

✅ Zero PR and marketing skills needed

✅ Works for all solopreneurs or professionals

✅ Shine like a pro

Let’s face it - your expertise can’t be a 6 figure product without an audience.

Imagine confidently writing your book, recording a podcast, or having a media presence that demands attention.
Picture yourself stepping into the spotlight, your message resonating with a wider audience, your brand thriving like never before.

That’s how I can help you radiate your way and shine…

Hello ladies! It's Dr. Ali...

I’m so thrilled you’re here! I know you have something incredible to share with the world. You’re just a few steps away from radiating your reach and making an unforgettable impact.

It's your time to shine, and I’m here to help you share your story and attract the right audience...

Introducing the
Radiate Your Reach Bootcamp

This 6-week intensive program is designed specifically for women entrepreneurs ready to share their story and expertise by writing their book, recording a podcast, or getting TV/media visibility

Without help:

🔴Limited Networks

🔴Wrong People

🔴Lack of media, PR experience

🔴Resource Constraints

🔴Burnout CEO

With help:

🟢Collaboration Opportunities

🟢Understand “Your” People

🟢PR Mentorship and Coaching

🟢Tools & Resources

🟢Support & Accountability

Get this - You can have all of this

By simply being part of a 6-week bootcamp with Dr. Ali that will give you all the strategies, resources, and support so you can radiate your reach with authority, attract your people and be seen on media publications,

"Dr. Ali has been a guiding light, a mentor who walks the talk. Her approach is genuine, filled with empathy, and incredibly effective. She's not just a coach; she's a Co-CEO who stands by you, ensuring your rise is nothing short of meteoric."

Client one

- Lisa Nichols

(Motivational Speaker, Coach, & Mentor)

Here’s what we’ll accomplish in just 6-weeks:

Week 1: Choose Your Own Path

Ready to create your first book, podcast, or boost your media coverage? In Week 1, we’ll clarify your goals, identify your target market, and set achievable results. Plus, I’ll show you how to maximize AI for your business.

Week 2: Create Your Own Blueprint

Let's get organized! We'll use my time management system to structure your offer, identify necessary systems, and implement strategies and tips.
Your roadmap to success starts here.

Week 3: Radiance - Accountability, Amplify, and Momentum

Time to put your plan into action! This week, you’ll start implementing your tasks. I’ll provide additional support to help you overcome any obstacles. Let’s get those gears turning!

Week 4: 3x Resilience and Consistency

Check-in time! We’ll review your progress, address any questions, and ensure everything is on track. Consistency is key!

Week 5: 10x Your Completion & Results

Finish strong! We’ll wrap up production, tackle any technical support needs, finalize logistics, and bring in expert advice to polish your work.

Week 6: Certification & Completion

Celebrate your success! We’ll review your journey, recognize your achievements, and you’ll receive your certification. You did it!

You can now stop working tirelessly with little to show for it.

Start leveraging your unique experiences and make real money and impact from your expertise.

Inside, you'll access proven strategies to achieve visibility quickly and map out your sales goals, all while being part of a supportive community of fellow female entrepreneurs dedicated to your growth.

This is the exact breakthrough approach I used to get featured in 50+ publications, appear on numerous podcasts, masterclasses, live events, retreats, write my own book, and create a successful course in just a few months—all while running businesses, being a mom with an au-some kid, and being a support for my co-CEO sisters!

One thing you need to know is... you won't find this level of support, sisterhood, and real results all in one place anywhere else except in this exclusive workshop.

"Dr. Ali is the perfect blend of accountability, empathy, and compassion. She is a great listener and is adept at generating excellent ideas for taking your business to the next level. She is a teacher; not just through her words but by what she models for us in her own business.

If you are looking to be a better parent, a better entrepreneur or both, I cannot recommend Dr. Ali enough to help you navigate the wild ride!”

Client one

- Erain Gordon
(Psy. D School Psychologist & Special Needs Mompreneur)

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Dr. Ali is a powerhouse. A published author, transformational speaker, and a startup business coach for women, she has dedicated her career to helping women start profitable businesses and create wealth. Her proven path to profitability—laser clarity, systems, and sales—takes business owners from brand new to badass. With an incomparable blend of business strategy and personal development, there is a depth to her coaching that is unmatched.

Still on the Fence?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one!

If you want to make sure the Radiate Your Reach Bootcamp is what you needed to make more visibility and impact this summer,
I invite you to book FREE a complimentary Vision Call with me!

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